Jennell - Yoga Instructor

Jennell was first attracted to yoga as a physical practice before finding profound meaning and dedication to the wholeness of yoga as a way of life. Having taught various fitness modalities for over 15 years, her style is anchored in tradition, creativity, and fun. A resident of Union Park West, Jennell looks forward to building a loving, compassionate and welcoming yoga community here at Easton Park.

Hannah - Yoga Instructor 

Hannah believes that movement is medicine and yoga is for everyone. She is passionate about holding space for people from all walks of life to come to their mats to connect with and learn about themselves and others. She strives to create an uplifting environment where all feel welcomed and supported, making each class accessible to all levels by offering modifications and using clear instructional cues. Hannah is a resident of Union Park West whose goal is to inspire her fellow Eastonites to cultivate kindness, live authentically by practicing self-love, and become present by getting out of their minds and into their bodies.


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